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We’re so happy you’ve found Agency for Egg Donor Solutions. Whether you’re a healthy young woman interested in donating your eggs, or you’re an Intended Parent who is ready to take the next step on your fertility journey, you’re in the right place.

Beginning the journey of egg donation can seem very overwhelming. We know this first-hand because we are former Intended Mothers, and now the proud and happy parents of beautiful children born through the miracle of Egg Donation (and Surrogacy as well). Believe us when we say we get it: it was not an easy road from infertility to a healthy baby.

The two of us (Kathryn and Lauri) underwent numerous IVF cycles, many miscarriages, more testing than you can imagine, a combined total of 200+embryos, 5 Gestational Surrogates and 6 Egg Donors before we were both blessed with our babies and completed families. Our experiences navigating our own egg donation process (as well as many others) have given us a unique understanding of not just the administrative elements, but the personal ones as well. We realize that no matter how wonderful, well intentioned and organized the parties are, it is an emotional and trying time for all.

Agency for Egg Donor Solutions, was built on the heels of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, an internationally recognized surrogacy company founded in 2004. With the respect and confidence obtained from this first venture, we wanted to do the same on the egg donation side – our main goal being to create the type of agency that we wish had been there for us. What originally began as helping friends and clients through their egg donation journey (through our tips, matching advice and experience) is now a true passion and calling. Our staff has been selected and trained with the same attitude that the owners have - we pride ourselves in offering the personalized care, professionalism, organization and support that both the Intended Parents and the Egg Donors deserve, from the very first phone call or email until after healthy eggs are retrieved and viable embryos are created.

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Whether you are an Intended Parent or potential Egg Donor, we are always here and happy to offer any information, advice or insight into this process. Please do not hesitate to call us.

1224 Ventura Court
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