Our Services

Agency for Egg Donor Solutions is considered one of the top egg donor agencies in the world. Other agencies look to us – our compassionate and professional service – as their model and guideline. Fertility clinics and reproductive attorneys across the country confidently refer both recipients and egg donors to us because of the quality of service and care we are known to give.

Here are some of the services Agency for Egg Donor Solutions provides:

  • Locate and pre-screen Egg Donors for a potential match with Intended Parents.
  • Carefully assist in matching Recipients with Egg Donors according to their individual needs and preferences.
  • Make referrals to top fertility clinics, if needed and work hand-in-hand with them to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and all details are attended to including – travel, medications, and following up with donor to ensure that instructions are understood and followed.
  • Fully educate egg donors on the rewarding service they are providing, in addition to the steps and duties that are entailed in successfully completing an egg donation.
  • Refer to and set appointment with psychotherapist to evaluate Donor.
  • Oversee genetic evaluation with a top geneticist to ensure that the donor’s genetics that she is passing on are acceptable.
  • Act as liaison between Donor, fertility clinic, travel agent, insurance agent(s), Intended Parents, lawyer(s), etc.
  • Establish a clinic local to the egg donor where she can do all monitoring as directed by the Recipient’s fertility doctor.
  • Assist in setting up escrow account with either the Intended Parent’s reproductive attorney or bonded escrow company.
  • Submit and track all disbursements from escrow account per surrogacy contract. Notify Intended Parents of all payments made from escrow account.
  • Secure insurance to cover any complications that may arise from the egg donor’s donation.
  • Make referrals for separate legal counsel for both Intended Parents and Egg Donor with attorneys experienced in reproductive law. And ensure contracts are completed in a timely manner by all of the parties.
  • Oversee the fulfillment and signing of detailed contracts for both the Egg Donor and Recipients Parent for the protection, safety and ultimate satisfaction of both parties.
  • Communicate with and offer support to both Donor and Recipient(s) on a regular basis before, during and right after the retrieval and transfer (and beyond, if needed).
  • Follow up with Donor after appointments to make sure that appropriate testing has been done and she understands any and all instructions and expectations.
  • Troubleshoot and assist with any bumps (no matter big or small) that might arise along the way.
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