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Co-Director & Agency Owner

Kathryn’s Personal Journey with Egg Donation

As the mother of identical twin boys who were created using an egg donor, I remember only too well the joy of talking to that first egg donation agency. “I’m finally going to be a parent!” I remember thinking when I hung up the phone. I was so relieved.

And yet, as joyful as I was, I remember the elation being laced with a bit of shame and disappointment. “Why couldn’t I use my own eggs?” I remember thinking. “What’s wrong with me?” “How will I feel towards my children and how will they feel about me?”

To the Intended Parent

As the owner of Agency for Egg Donor Solutions, it is my mission that no woman ever feel like I did. Why? Because it’s just not right! There is more than one path to becoming a parent. Whether it’s a donor’s egg combined with your partner’s sperm and implanted in your uterus, or a donor’s eggs with a donor’s sperm implanted in a surrogate, that is your child. There are many paths to beginning a family, and while everyone will give you their opinion, I am not concerned with their path. I aim to be an advocate for your path.

To the Potential Egg Donor

If you’re here because you’re interested in becoming an egg donor, I will advocate for you also. You are such an important part of the process. Like the intended parent, my company will guide you step by step through the journey of egg donation. I remember only too well how frustrating it was to be left in the dark when it came to the egg donation process. As a donor yourself, I will be sure your experience is always illuminated and that the upmost care is taken with your mental, physical and emotional health during this life giving experience.

More on Kathryn

I have not always been involved with the world of infertility and egg donation. Before I began my struggle to become a parent, I worked for more than 15 years as a television producer, writer and director. Surprisingly, having a baby through egg donation is a lot like producing a successful television show. Both need creativity, lots of coordination, attention to detail, and the ability to deal with all different types of people, while keeping your eye on the desired outcome.

Running my company and helping people through their egg donation journeys are things I do from the heart. Surrogacy and pregnancy are very emotionally turbulent situations, and I hope to make the experience as simple and as free of anxiety as possible for everyone involved.

When I look into the eyes of my beautiful boys, I don’t see another woman’s eggs. I see my children. You deserve to have the same experience.

Kathryn is the co-owner and founder of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc. and Global IVF, Inc.


Co-Director & Agency Owner

Lauri’s Personal Journey with Egg Donation

After having my first baby naturally at age 36, I didn’t think it would be too difficult to get pregnant again. And it wasn’t. The problem was that I got pregnant eight times and miscarried all eight times. With every lost baby I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into hopelessness and despair. We finally went the route of surrogate agency and egg donor.

Through the support of my friend and co-owner, Kathryn (who by then had started her own agency) I become the proud mother of three more children through surrogacy and egg donation. While the end result was beautiful babies, I can’t say our experience with the all of the egg donation agencies was as beautiful.

To the Intended Parent

It is my mission that you never encounter the black hole of confusing information that I did. You have enough on your mind without having to check and recheck the facts about the intimidating process of egg donation. I am proud that my company will arm you with every fact you need to know to move toward your dreams of building your family. Unlike the agencies I dealt with, we will not be a hands-off owner when it comes to answering your questions. While I 100% trust the staff that I’ve hired, you are welcome to reach out to me any time.

To the Potential Egg Donor

I am so thankful to the donors who helped me create my beautiful children. It is from this place of gratitude that I will be sure your physical and emotional needs are met so that this experience is a positive and fulfilling one for you.

More on Lauri

Like Kathryn, I, too, had a career in television before infertility consumed my life. I was a producer/director/writer. I produced many programs, but now every time I ‘produce’ a match between Intended Parent and Egg Donor, I am much prouder of the outcome. There is nothing more rewarding and ultimately as important as bringing a child who is so very wanted into the world.

Lauri is the co-owner and founder of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions and Global IVF, Inc.

Luis Sonsin Jones

Egg Donor Cycle Case Manager

Skype: lusonsin
Phone: (818) 454 0752

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and since 2013 I call Los Angeles home, where I live with my loving and supportive husband.

While my husband and I are not ready to have our own children, I take great pleasure in helping other couples/individuals start and expand their families. I work as a case manager and I love being the support point for couples and egg donor on such a beautiful journey. I also work as a case manager at our sister company, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, so helping to create families is part of my daily routine.

I have a passion for traveling and learning new cultures. I have lived in three different countries, learned 4 languages and I love being able to communicate with people in their mother language.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our friends, going to the beach, exploring new restaurants, trying new recipes in the kitchen and traveling around the world.

Heather Brooks-Heintz

Egg Donor Cycle Case Manager

Skype: brooks.a.heather
Phone: (240) 535 0400

After earning a graduate degree, living in another country, and exploring the United States, I started my own family. My daughter, husband, and I are also a proud surrogate family, having provided a wonderful couple with twins.

I completed my surrogacy journey with our sister company, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions. I knew then I had to keep helping others build families and fulfill their dreams.


I have a powerful desire to learn from others and grow, both personally and professionally. Working with egg donors and intended parents from all different cultures is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because everyone involved in this process shares the joy of creating and enriching life.

I spend most of my time with my family. We enjoy the outdoors, so we are often out exploring, climbing rocks, searching for lakes and beaches, and staying active in fun and original ways.

Michelle Glavan

Social Media Manager

While most of my childhood was spent in Alabama, most of my adulthood has been in Los Angeles, where I’ve lived for the past 12 years.

I have a degree in Mass Communications from UCLA, and a background in writing/producing/directing digital content for multiple media companies such as AwesomenessTV, New Form Digital, Fusion, and more. My YouTube channel (+228k subscribers!) has ridiculous, music/comedy videos.

I am super excited to be working as the Social Media Manager for Agency for Egg Donor Solutions. The amazing team here could not be nicer in helping me transition from “selfish videos about me” content to content that helps and inspires others. I’ll finally be using my “content creator” powers for good—to create loving, happy families. Ahhhh, who am I kidding, I’m still going to make selfish videos about me. I’m a human. And a multitasker.

When I’m not being snarky on the internet, you can find me at home gardening with my awesome hubby, cooking vegan cuisine, playing soccer, or snuggling with my cat and two doggies. I also sing at weddings, but not because anyone asked me to.

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