12 Easy Steps for Intended Parent(s)

Here is an overview of what you can expect working with Agency for Egg Donor Solutions (A4EDS).

You contact A4EDS and we discuss your needs and you fill out a short questionnaire to access our database. If you’d like you can set up a free consultation with one of our case managers to discuss your particular situation, your needs, how we work, etc. We can also make recommendations for egg donors, reproductive endocrinologists, surrogacy agencies, other egg donor agencies, etc., based upon our consultation with you.

Intended Parent(s) will then select a donor. (Note: You are welcome to access our free online database in advance). In our database, you will find not only photos but detailed information from the many conversations we had with the Egg Donor prior to acceptance into our program.

After selecting and being match with your Egg Donor, turn in a full application

You will be assigned an Egg Donor Cycle Case Manager who will offer you detailed instructions and assistance during the entire process of choosing your donor including all of the coordination all the way through the egg retrieval and beyond.
Next, you will receive an agency retainer and a list of all anticipated agency and egg donor fees. You then sign the agency retainer and pay the agency fee, and part of the full amount due – travel expenses, evaluation costs, etc.
Once your paperwork and initial deposits are received, we will schedule your donor for her initial medical screening with your fertility specialist or her monitoring physician's office (if out-of-town), and you will work with your fertility specialist to establish a calendar for your egg donor cycle.
Your donor will be medically and psychologically screened. She will also meet with a licensed geneticist to rule out any health concerns or any high risk areas in her family history that have not come to light up until this time.
Once the donor has been medically cleared we will refer you to an attorney's office for the completion of your legal paperwork with your donor. Intended Parents will work with the attorney's office to arrange for execution of all legal documents for the ovum donation cycle.  Your selected donor will consult an attorney as well for her legal paperwork regarding her cycle. (These attorneys' fees are covered by your initial payments to escrow.)
When the calendar for the egg retrieval cycle is set by your clinic (and all legal paperwork is completed by both parties), both the Recipient and her donor will begin medications - these medications, dosages, and timetable will be determined by your fertility specialist in preparation for egg retrieval.
Your Egg Donor Cycle Case Manager will personally handle all the arrangements for your egg donor’s doctor appointments and travel (as needed).

When the stimulation phase of medications is complete, your Egg Donor will take her final HcG injection and your fertility specialist performs her egg retrieval procedure 36 hours later. We will stay in constant contact with her throughout this process to make sure she understands all of her instructions, is able to make all appointments and is doing her medications properly.

Your Egg Donor will come to your clinic, and her eggs will be retrieved then fertilized by your clinic’s embryologist. In some cases you will have chosen to have the embryos frozen or it may be a fresh cycle. Your embryo transfer will take place as determined by you and your reproductive endocrinologist.

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