FAQs for Intended Parents

Question Once I’ve chosen a donor, how long does it take to complete a cycle?
Answer Once your egg donor is confirmed with us, the general time period is within two to three months.
Question How much does it cost?

Each egg donation is not created equal. Of course you will have additional costs beyond the ones we will handle for you including your clinic’s IVF cycle, genetic testing of embryos, medication for your donor, storage fees and possibly more. You should check with your clinic as can vary greatly between clinics. And while we use the top professionals in the field, the legal costs, psychologist and geneticist are negotiated to the lowest rates possible.

Question If I don’t live in the United States, can you refer me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist?

Absolutely! We are an internationally respected egg donation agency with deep ties to the top reproductive-specialty physicians. Any doctors we refer to have earned our trust through our well-established surrogacy agency, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc., as well as many past procedures with Agency for Egg  Donor Solutions. They all have top statistics, and do many egg donation cycles. They are also very experienced working with Recipients who are traveling for treatment. Additionally, we are not affiliated with any clinics, so you can rest assured that our referrals are honest and without any benefits to us – outside of seeing you get pregnant as quickly as possible.

Question If my donor is required to travel, what additional costs are incurred?

While an Egg Donor who is located close to your clinic may be ideal, the one you like best may not be that close. Even if an egg donor lives nearby there will be gas, parking, and etc. You will also incur those costs if your donor has to travel – in addition to either gas for driving or airfare, airport parking, hotel and a per diem – $50/day/pp. Local Egg Donors and those who travel are allowed to bring a travel companion, so you may incur a per diem and lost wages for that person too, while they will always share a hotel room. Travel deposit is typically $6000 for donors that are not local to your clinic, but we strive to keep the costs down and hopefully refund money that is unused.

Question Will I have contact with my Egg Donor?

This all depends on the comfort level/choice of the Egg Donor. Some women want to be anonymous while others are very open with their communication. As it turns out, some of our donors are comfortable with having contact with the Intended Parent(s). If this is the case with your donor, we can arrange a facilitated face-to-face meeting or Skype chat after your donor is confirmed for your cycle. In most cases people prefer us to facilitate this initial contact. If open communication is super important to you, you can see for yourself in the donor’s profile on our database who is willing to communicate and who isn’t and then only select those appropriate donors.

Question Is a Gift Appropriate for My Donor?

Absolutely! Who doesn’t like a present…especially when she’s giving you the greatest gift of all. We do send a gift on your behalf for you (often flowers or a food-gift basket), but if you’d like something else to be sent we are happy to do so. You’ll be able to see by the donor’s profile what she likes to do to get an idea of a gift, or you can ask us about her personality. That said, we do encourage, as a token of thanks, that you write a short, heartfelt message to her (although it is not required.)

Question We were told we’d have better chances of achieving a pregnancy if we used a surrogate. Can you help us?

We’d like to recommend to our sister company, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc. Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc. is a world-renowned surrogacy agency that has been helping people from around the world create families through gestational surrogacy since 2004. If you do use an Egg Donor and Surrogate from both of our companies we will happily offer a discount on our Egg Donor Program Fee.

Question Is your database updated?

Yes. We update our database in real time so only available donors are shown. Sometimes if a donor is placed on hold we will still keep her on the site, but will update her status as soon as we can. We won’t hide that profile until a confirmation is in place from the Intended Parent, letting all parties consider the opportunity.

Question What if an egg donor is cycling or already selected, can we wait for her?

Yes! Some eggs donors are open to scheduling additional cycles after they are already scheduled for one. While we cannot guarantee that their circumstances won’t change, in almost all cases the Egg Donor is happy to fulfill all of their commitments. In order to secure a donor for a future cycle we do require you to sign our Program Contract and to supply a deposit – that is refundable if the donor does not agree to donate when she is next available to you.

Question Can we speak with the egg donor before selecting her?

Yes, that is possible. We are happy to facilitate a Skype or Zoom (similar to Skype) in order to speak with her. But because you are not committed to working with our program we feel it is only fair that both the agency and the Egg Donor receive a nominal compensation for our time and efforts. If, on the other hand you have selected the egg donor and wish to talk then no fee will be required.

Question What is an all-inclusive international egg donor?

Some of our amazing donors are living in other countries, but still want to be of service and assist you. Because travel and lost wages can vary so greatly, and there is also the exchange rate to consider, we have created an all-inclusive package. While it does not include any medical testing, medications or IVF-related procedures, it does include the donor fee, the agency fee, all travel, per diem, legal fees, genetic counseling session, psychological evaluation and egg donor insurance. Each donors all-inclusive fee can vary greatly depending upon their location and experience – so if you find one you are interested in contact us and we can let you know the fee for that particular donor and her availability.

Question What is the difference between the international donors and the domestic egg donors?

We are fortunate to have many wonderful, beautiful and talented women in our donor pool and we decided not to limit ourselves to those living in the U.S., because many women have big hearts and passports. So, while no donor is better than another – their fees may vary greatly. One big difference is that the international donors all have an “all-inclusive” price. Meaning the fee you pay to the agency will include, the donor’s fee, the agency fee, travel to the US for 7 days for her retrieval, egg donor insurance, escrow fees, genetic counseling session, and legal fees in the U.S. for both the donor and the Intended Parents. All medical expenses will be paid for separately including – IVF retrieval, medications, evaluations, genetic testing, plus all other things that may come up. We feel this is an pretty extensive list and don’t anticipate more expenses beyond what it listed.

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