Getting Started

Along with our staff and relationships with the most qualified fertility professionals in the business, we will guide you step-by-step through the process with the utmost care and compassion.  We will arm you with all the facts and answer all of your questions to make your journey toward parenthood as comfortable and enriching as possible.  Feel free to peruse our online searchable donor database which we strive to make as simple as possible.

No Charge to Search the Database

Unlike many agencies who charge to see their egg donors, we do not. Just fill out a short questionnaire (we do this to protect the egg donors, not to screen out potential recipients) and we will send you a password so you can peruse our database and see if there is someone who feels like a good fit to you.

How to search the database

Not sure what you are looking for? We are happy to help in a more personalized way. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we can help you focus your selection and make good choices. Having helped hundreds of other intended parents, we can help you narrow down and even organize your choices to make selecting a donor just a little less overwhelming. And if you already have an idea of what you want, we can direct you to donors that fit your criteria so you don’t have to search the entire database. We are here to help!

So You’ve Found the Perfect Donor – Now What?

Once you have selected a donor, contact us. One of our team members will meticulously match your requirements with the donor’s to be sure we have a true match – right down to your time frames and her cycle. If it is a fit, we will send you an intended parent form to sign. We will send a donation service contract to the donor. Both of you will be given compensation agreements to sign. Intended parents will also receive an agency agreement. Once you have received the agreement, you’ll have one week to return the contracts with signature, legally binding your commitment to Agency for Egg Donor Solution, plus the agency fee. If we do not receive these things the donor will go back onto the database to be matched with someone else.

After all contracts are received from you and the donor, we will proceed with all the necessary tests and procedures to begin the retrieval process.

Using an Egg Donor – It’s Ultimately Your Choice

If you’ve found yourself reading this website, we can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster you may have been through to get here. Should you choose us, our goal is to get you off the crazy ride of infertility and onto the stable road of starting your beautiful family through a beautiful and healthy egg donor. We look forward to speaking with you!

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