Becoming an Egg Donor

Why become an egg donor?

Being an Egg Donor takes a serious commitment. While it would be your responsibility to provide healthy eggs for another person or couple, it is our responsibility to nurture, care and protect you. Your life is as valuable to us as the one you are helping to create. It is our mission to be sure your experience is safe and comfortable. We will be 100% transparent with what you can expect along this journey. Your emotional and physical needs are our top priority, as is your pay. You will be compensated at a rate equal or higher to the top egg donor agencies in the business.

Egg Donor qualifications & requirements

We believe that every person who even considers being an Egg Donor is an angel, but sadly not everyone is a good candidate.  So, before you apply to be an Egg Donor for our agency, please be sure that you fit the following qualifications:

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Being an egg donor takes a full commitment.
Contact us if you are unsure what is expected of you should you join our team


Most egg donors are compensated $7,500 - $10,000 for their first egg retrieval (there are some donors that may receive a higher fee due to demand for  certain qualities or ethnicities - so please ask us.)

In addition to the donor's compensation, Recipient(s) pay for all of the Egg Donor's related fees, including medical expenses and travel, hotel, and per diem.  They also pay the Donor's compensation.  Compensation is paid to the Egg Donor at the time of retrieval for her time and inconvenience rather than for the eggs.  Women who donate feel tremendous gratification and are enabled to do many things with financial rewards given to them for performing their Egg Donor responsibilities.

The Egg Donor Process

Hard to believe, but women are born with about 400,000 eggs. Unlike what you were told in health class in high school, each month not 1, but 30 plus eggs are often "candidates" to be combined with sperm for pregnancy. Although usually only one makes it as a "healthy" option for fertilization, during a medicated egg donation cycle, more than 1 of the 30 eggs will be viable toward fertilization.

What Egg Donors are Saying

FAQs for Egg Donors

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